Essay On Professional Identity And Stewardship

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Professional Identity and Stewardship
Professional identity and stewardship is one of the core values that professionals need to exhibit in order to prove how important their role in the society can be known and proving. Many organizations cannot succeed without professional identity and stewardship and this brings the significant of this interview with one of my peer about the stewardship and professional identity. The purpose of this interview with one of my peer is to know the role of the health care team member, how the professionalism can be define and how he professional responsibilities influence work, does he consider leaders as a stewards in his health care organization, why and why not and how important the leaders exercise professional
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He describe nurses as the front-line leaders in patient care, which makes it very important that standards of care and professionalism are taken seriously and with professionalism, one can provide safe, patient centered and quality care. Leadership pushes for credentials such as certifications and BSN degrees. The organization’s leaders lead by example by holding to a higher standard and pushing for higher education and best practices. Recognizing core values, ethics and standards of care comes from authenticity, while professional power deals with the skill and knowledge to accomplish a task in an appropriate way.
The interviewee believes that leader and stewardship works together, without application of stewardship, leadership cannot stand on his own. Core values, ethics and standard of protocol have to be following to maintain integrity of leadership and professionalism. Professional advocacy and authenticity is very important as well as power by influencing other colleagues at the work

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