Essay On Professional Presence And Influence

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Professional Presence and Influence
This paper will first discuss the difference between two models of health and healing together with discussing professional presence’s impact on nursing practice. Moreover, it has included personality preference test’s result with its relevant analysis. Mindful practices and healing environments topics are also deliberated as per the given requirements in this paper.
Professional Presence
Professional presence is one of the major aspects of personality traits in corporate and other sectors. Professional presence implies not only to being professionally trained, but also touches one 's inner traits. The two models of health and healing, physical body/body spirit and body mind spirit/bio-psycho-social, are
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Professional behavior includes a pride in your work and wanting to do things “right,” regardless of which type of business you are in or which job function within that business you perform. Professional presence has absolutely nothing to do with how many degrees you have or what your corporate title is. Inherent in professionalism is a sincere desire to help clients (both internal and external) achieves their goals and missions while you are achieving your own. Real professionals have an attitude of service and quality and exhibiting professionalism in the workplace at all times (Oschman, 2000). The essence of Professional Presence in a Casual World is to create an awareness of what professionalism is and what professional behavior looks like so that participants leave with ideas on how to enhance their current package to acquire a foundation of professionalism.
Building professional behavior throughout your organization creates an environment of courtesy, trust and corporate commitment. Participants will enjoy their learning experience through interactive examples and role play (Oschman, 2000). Each module can be tailored to include your corporate culture and the philosophies that your organization is building. This course is an excellent reminder of how professional behavior is missing from our day-to-day interactions with our colleagues and co-workers. Participants will leave with at least one solid idea on how to enhance their professional image within the corporate

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