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Propaganda Movement.
The Filipinos suffered so much under the Spanish rule. There were many revolts to fight against the Spaniards but to no avail. When Fathers Mariano Gomez, Jose Burgos and Jacinto Zamora on February 17, 1872 awakened the intense feelings of anger and resentment among the Filipinos. The execution of Gomburza helped to inspire the Propaganda Movement to seek for reforms. The movement was not a radical agitation to overthrow Spanish rule by a bloody revolution, but it was a peaceful campaign for reforms with the following aims:
1) assimilation of the Philippines as a province of Spain; 2) equality of Filipinos and Spaniards before the law; 3) restoration of Philippines representation in the Spanish Cortes, the law making
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Bring about changes and reforms in the government.

The division of La Liga Filipino
• Cuerpo de Compromisarions
• Katipunan

The Arrest of Jose Rizal
Three days after its founding, Dr. Jose Rizal was arrested on July 7, 1892 by the order of Governor General Despujol and was exiled in Dapitan on July 15, 1892. Dr. Jose Rizal’s arrest marked the end of the La Liga Filipina.
Apolinario Mabini and some members tried to revive the league but failed because many members, including Andres Bonifacio, believed that it was useless to expect reforms from the corrupt Spaniards.
Failure of the Reform Movement. La Solidaridad’s intensive campaign for reforms did not get any form of changes in the administration of the Philippines because Spain also had its own internal problems. Whatever good impressions that the La Solidaridad had created in the minds of the Spanish officials in Spain, they were overshadowed by the influential newspaper of the Spanish friars, La Politica de Espana en Filipinas, that countered the La Solidaridad
Another reason of failure of the reform movement was the propagandists themselves. Because of petty jealousies among them, they were divided which resulted on the weakening of the ties that bound them

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