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Proposed Amendment: I want to propose an Electoral College Reform in the 12th Amendment, I would have the Electors not only differentiate between their votes for president but also count their citizens votes for their popular candidate as well. That way the people will feel that their votes do count and not wasted. Some Electors vote for whoever they choose but ignore what their state’s majority votes for. In the current election, many voters feel that their vote didn’t matter and this adjustment in the U.S. Constitutional will change that. Supportive Arguments: The 12th Amendment states that each elector must cast distinct votes for President and Vice President, instead of two votes for President. Additionally, electors may not vote for presidential…show more content…
They nearly always do so since they are typically strong supporters of the political parties who appoint them (electors are a mix of government officials, party activists, and high-profile figures in their communities), but so-called "faithless electors" can (and occasionally do) vote for another candidate or don't vote at all. Counter Arguments: The Electoral College System allow small states to have a say in the elections so that each state big or small voice can be heard. This may be true but it doesn’t change the fact that the electors can vote for whomever they what to vote for and not what their respective state wants. Using the electoral college system avoids a possibility of a recount of the entire nation. I understand how this makes the election process quicker and organized but what happened to all American people voices being heard and their votes should count regardless. Conclusion: Reforming the Electoral College system is much needed because I think for the Presidential Election; the votes of the qualified citizens should count. By using National Popular Vote system, it would guarantee the Presidency to the candidate, who receives the most popular votes in all the states. The national popular voting system make all states competitive in presidential elections and makes every vote
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