Essay On Pros And Cons Of Birth Tourism

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In the United States the 14th amendment gives individual 's status of citizenship, if they are born on US soil. It doesn’t matter if the parents of those children are illegal. If the child is born here in the United States they’re automatically considered a US citizen. This leads to birth tourism in this country today, which has been around for quiet some time now. Birth tourism is, technically, when parents come from other countries to give birth to their child in the United States. They do that in order to give their child a better life than back home. One area that birth tourism is booming is California, but evidence shows that, its not just Latin Americans come over. The majority of immigrant’s families coming are not from Latin America but from China. According to World Post ‘‘ Women from…show more content…
In result to this agents have taken an initiative to prevent this from occurring. Federal agencies have been cracking down on these hotels. They have found maternity hotels in Los Angeles areas, which revealed many individuals had been evading taxes. Furthermore, some economic pros of birth tourism can vary in the United States. For instance, it could decrease illegal immigration, if the 14th amendment wouldn’t allow them to. According to Center for Immigration studies “ Disposing birthright citizenship would decrease the incentive to come and bring spouses and other family members with them.” Another pro if the 14th amendment was ratified and changed would be saving money on health care and social service. Some cons of birth tourism are it punishes the children who are born. They have no control over where they are born due to the parents interest in taking them elsewhere. Another con is that the population is increasing so they’re has to be more money funded to these individuals. The 14th amendment impacts the issue of citizenship due to what it clearly states in the
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