Essay On Pros And Cons Of E-Cigarettes

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PROS AND CONS E-CIGARETTES 37%, thats the amount of people that die from tobacco cigarettes. A large amount of people from all around the world, smoke tobacco cigarettes which eventually effects their health to the point where it kills them. E-cigarettes are a replacement for regular tobacco cigarettes yet without the tobacco and unhealthy ingredients. E-cigarettes only use water vapour and different types of flavours. E-cigarettes are believed by many to be a healthy replacement thats okay to use, and by others is believed to be as bad as regular cigarettes. From a certain point of view, E cigarettes helps the smoker to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, it makes it easier to quit smoking for people who want to do so.It is less addictive compared to the tobacco cigarette and can help one slowly reduce the nicotine consumption weaning himself off over a short period of time. In addition, e-cigarettes have fewer health risks. The fact that electronic cigarettes lack chemicals such as tar and ash is a great advantage to the smoker. This is because tobacco in the cigarettes leads to a lot of lung problem, it makes the smoker lung more vulnerable to lung infections such as lung cancer and other problems like the intensive coughs.Also the lack of tar and ash as an advantage will be no staining of the teeth like it…show more content…
E-cigarettes have been developed to prevent these problems for smoking addicts. E-cigarettes have fewer health risks and encourage people to quit smoking. However, E-cigarettes aren’t completely free of health risks and are also described as fire hazards. We must critically discuss this technology as many believe it is useful, while others believe it is dangerous. Should we let every individual to as they please and pay the price of their dangerous decisions? Or we should protect our society from what is dangerous to

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