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A teacher is someone who teaches kids from preschool to college. There are many pros and cons of becoming a teacher. There are pros and cons in the areas of: job description (duties), work environment, training and important qualities, and compensation and employment outlook. The first area where there are pros and cons is job description (duties). The pros are maintaining classroom rules, watching improvements in students’ strengths and weaknesses, teaching special classes (possibly), and using technology. To start off, maintaining classroom rules is a pro because the classroom has to stay orderly. Watching the students’ to see improvements is a pro because every teacher wants their students to excel. If the teacher didn’t watch to see improvements, then the student would never learn more complicated, or even simpler, tasks. The next pro in the area of job description is the possibility of teaching special classes; like gym or art. Some people may hate to teach these certain subjects, but personally, I wouldn’t. The final pro of the job duties area is using technology as a teaching assistant. Using technology as an assistant is a pro because, while using it, children may learn new things. As well as the teacher. In the area…show more content…
The pros are talking with other teachers about the job, becoming a student teacher, and majoring in a certain subject. Although talking to teachers is a con in the previous topic, talking to the teachers in training is different. Talking to the teacher when the person is already a teacher could be boring, but talking while not a teacher is different because you are learning new things. Becoming a student teacher is a pro because the teacher will learn if they want to continue to try and get the job, or if they want to change their plans for the future. Majoring in a certain subject could be a con to some people, but for others majoring in a subject they like will improve the quality of the

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