Argumentative Essay: How Technology Is Changing Canada

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As I rush to get out of the house promptly in order to get my son to daycare and myself to school on time. I look around; my son Carter is nowhere to be found. I start yelling “Carter, come on! We’re going to be late” I hear giggling coming from under our kitchen table. Yes, my son has barricaded himself under the table with the household tablet. This is only one example of the numerous disputes we have on a regular basis. I personally believe there are more cons when it comes to technology changing Canadian lives due to the misuse of technology and the affect that it has on our upcoming generation. I will also discuss some of the pros and benefits that technology has on the average Canadian that use technology as a tool and not a necessity…show more content…
While web surfing one evening I came across a Facebook page “United Conservatives for Canada”, this page is appalling and to think it has 19,607 followers. This page does nothing but promote hatred, racism and white supremacy. This is only one example of the multitude of hate sites on the internet and how one can influence others. With that being said, there are several pros to technology. The main one that stands out to me is mobile devices, I worked as a community support worker for several years and used google maps several times a day. It allowed me to be more efficient, punctual and reliable. It also allowed us to view the clients care plan, updated assessments and made it easier to clock in and out giving us a better efficiency rate in order to gain more contracts. I also enjoy being able to socialize hands free via Bluetooth as I spent several hours a day on the road. In a business aspect technology is a huge advantage because they can communicate with other companies all over the world. It also cuts down on travel expenses and costs, this allows employees to spend time at home instead of travelling. Robotics have been introduced allowing companies to cut labour cost and add productivity. Online training can be provided online to complete on the employee’s clock and not the

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