Prostitution Should Not Be Legal Essay

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Prostitution should not be legal for many reasons. Many support the idea of having prostitution legal while on the other hand others do not based on how they value life and theirselves. Prostitution can bring danger into our country. Many say prostitution is like any other job. Which is not because you can get any type of diseases, pregnancy, and you can get physical violent. Legalizing prostitution can set a number of rates of woman getting raped or beaten because of their “profession.” Some of the people that says it should be legal are human trafficking, pimping, or any other type of crimes. As a matter of fact, you can get an undesirable pregnancy where all your anger will get to the kid. Many woman does not take care of their children because they work late at night. Some woman does not care if their kids at home with no babysitter or have any food at home. If you are a mother and have that as a job, imagine what kind of example you are giving your child. As years go by your child will end up not caring about school or anything, he/she will end up robbing, selling drugs, etc.
Would you like it if your child had a job as a prostitute, selling their body to older man? No right. There is prostitutes as both genders, male (transgender male to female) and female. Many choose that kind of job because they
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Divorce rate would increase and the court would be overflowing with messy financial/child custody battles. Everybody should be taught to value and protect their body. You should show respect so you can receive it back. If you legalize prostitution, college percentage and also work careers will decrease because people will see that there is no problem in doing that job. If you actually get your life straight and attend college, it would be a lot better than being point out that you have a poor life and you are out selling your
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