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Prostitution should not be legal for many reasons. Many support the idea of having prostitution legal while on the other hand others do not based on how they value life and theirselves. Prostitution can bring danger into our country. Many say prostitution is like any other job. Which is not because you can get any type of diseases, pregnancy, and you can get physical violent. Legalizing prostitution can set a number of rates of woman getting raped or beaten because of their “profession.” Some of the people that says it should be legal are human trafficking, pimping, or any other type of crimes. As a matter of fact, you can get an undesirable pregnancy where all your anger will get to the kid. Many woman does not take care of their children…show more content…
No right. There is prostitutes as both genders, male (transgender male to female) and female. Many choose that kind of job because they easily give up on school or their parents never cared if they were doing great in life. Many of the prostitutes do not care about life, they are addicted to drugs. Once you are addicted to that, all your money goes to that. You will eventually be in debts because you are worried to have drug in your body. Men who actually have sex with a prostitute see woman as an object and not like a human…show more content…
They are definitely risking their life in doing that kind of job because they do not know what kind of client they will be getting, either a drunk man or a drug person. If they do not do what the client tell them to do, then that is when the client gets mad and starts abusing the prostitute. Even if prostitute was just like any other job, the police would not take them serious. Why? Simply because if a prostitute go in trying to make a report on someone saying that person abused them or they got raped. The police would not take the prostitute serious because of how she is dress. They will judge you if you do not go formally

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