Essay On Protected Areas

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Protected areas have a long history. According to Walters (2013), King of England, William the Conqueror, protected areas were declared as the first game-keeping forests in 1087. In Europe, some areas were set up for royal hunting preservation by the rich and upper classes of society (Eagles, 2002; Eagles, McCool and Haynes, 2002). After that, the reservations are then opened to public and tourism business were involving the communities around the protected area. In the past, protected areas have been set as national park in many countries for different purposes. Most of the earlier national park have been set up for nature protection, tourism and recreational purposes (Table 2.1). During the twentieth century, the idea of protected areas was spread around the world. Almost every country has passed the registration for protected areas and designated areas for protections (Eagles 2002). In year 2012, there are more than 200,000 protected areas worldwide which covering about 12 percent of the Earth’s surface (IUCN and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP, 2012) and an approximately of 25,000,000 km2, covering terrestrial and marine areas (Figure 2.1). The main purpose of…show more content…
For national park, beside to protect the natural biodiversity, at the same time to promote education and recreation. This is important because while people enjoying the recreational activities in national park, at the same time also educate them about the important of nature conservation program in protected areas. This is because protected areas nowadays become important and valuable to the country, people who live inside and around the park, and also to the tourists. There are values that contain in the park which people care about it although the people have nothing to do with the park (Harmon and Putney,
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