Essay On Proving Breck's Murder

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I am going to help prove Breck innocent because he needs to be set free. They say that he was following Anna home when the client was just walking to a friends house himself. When he got on to the street that the young ladies were on he tried to stay out from behind them. Witnesses claim to have seen the client in the alley beside Anna’s house but he walked down it because he was meeting his friend there. He and his friend were just looking for something his friend dropped on there way out of the alley when they saw him hiding. Mr. Breck does not know Ms.Anna even though they lived in the same neighborhood together he had only seen her that one night. Mr. Breck did not get a fair trial because the DNA evidence is corrupt. When…show more content…
When the mother got home she saw her lifeless body she called 911 immediately. She noticed and big whole in her daughter’s throat that’s when dispatchers said , " To put my hand over it and try CPR that way." How do we not know Anna did it on her own? Mr. Breck is not Guilty because he did not even know Ms. Palmer. The client was just walking home the night of the murder. Mr. Breck feels really bad for the family but he also knows you have tried to put him away for something he didn’t do. How do we know it was his DNA we don’t because the DNA was to old to even use anymore it was corrupt. The others are saying he is guilty but he isnt. They wont him to go away for somthing he didnt do. They are gonna try to fill your head with alot of stuff. But dont believe it. The night of the Murder Mr. Breck was around but wasn 't around the deceased. The Client is innocent. Try and see this in his eyes he is facing life charges for something he didn’t do. In my argument i tried to prove Mr. Breck innocent. Now it is up to you to find him not guilty. He did not do this. How can you kill someone you haven’t even seen or meet? Thank you for your

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