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Psychological identity development theory of James Marcia James Marcia proposed 4 statuses of identity instead of stages because he believe that changes will occur in response to environmental crises. A person can move into different statuses based on their experiences in the events that occurs in their life. A quote from Theodore Roethke struck me most, saying that “be sure that whatever you are is you”. In our life we encountered lots of pretentious people which influence us of how we think about our own self. Indeed, it is true that society influence an individual perception of self-identity. Identity is one’s behaviour, preferences, thoughts, talents and belief. As Marcia’s belief that identity is based mostly in two things: person’s…show more content…
I’m incoming 3rd year of computer science when my aunt offered me to finance my nursing education. Despite of my father’s refusal, I still shift to nursing and started my 1st year again in nursing. I stand for what I believe and finish my nursing education with good grades. At the end, my father is so proud of what I achieved. By passing through this identity moratorium I moved to the status of identity achievement. 4. Identity Achievement. Achieved status is where a person overcome its identity crisis and has made a commitment and a sense of identity that he/she chose. A strong commitment on what he/she believes, his goals in life, preferences and behaviours. A person feel a sense of fulfilment and confidence about his decisions and values. I am currently in this status of identity. After all the hardships in my nursing education, it pays off to be in this position. I’m successful in my career and family life. I know what I want and I know what I am capable of. Like what Lindsey Rietzech say in her quote “staying true to who you are is essential to anyone’s success”. Knowing that doing further study will enhance my nursing practice and open me up to a wider

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