Essay On Psychosocial Development

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Throughout life, people go through a multitude of experiences that can heavily affect their mindsets, personalities, and lives in general. People are most prone to be influenced by these experiences from infancy up to the age of eighteen, during the developmental phases of life. Developmental phases are segments of time throughout life where humans are extremely susceptible to learning, allowing for the subconscious development of new skill sets, personality traits, as well as mannerisms that make them who they are. According to Erik Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development, there are eight developmental phases, five of which take place before or during adolescence. Each phase develops on a basis of psychosocial crisis, such as intimacy…show more content…
This stage is especially crucial because the identity built now is the basis for decisions that follow them into adulthood. Adolescents want to find a place for themselves in the future’s society in terms of career, family, housing, and many other aspects in this phase of life. They begin to reevaluate the information they had previously learned about themselves in an attempt to finalize their identities. All of the information they have gained about themselves in the previous stages is going through a semi-final review before adolescents make life-changing decisions based on their self-concept. They are using the information to find their role in society and their true identity. As they grow to accept themselves, they begin to accept those around them as well, regardless of differences in ideologies. If their role and identity is never truly confirmed, they will spend a great amount of time reinventing themselves due to struggles with role confusion and identity crisis. After this stage, three more stages are lived out, dealing with the virtues of love, care, and wisdom that come with age. If all phases of life are successful, people are likely to feel happy and fulfilled with their lives. If this is not the case, feelings of remorse set in, and the years before death are spent lingering on
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