James Marcia Theory Essay

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The psychosocial identity development of James Marcia was an expanded theory of Erikson which focuses on the psychosocial stage of identity versus role confusion. I do believe that this stage is one of the most significant turning point of who we are and will be in the future. Knowing one’s self (identity) is important because it will serve as a torch in our journey to the future. Self-identity will guide us in any decisions we make in every events of our life. One of the best quote that I like most is from Theodore Roethke, saying that “be sure that whatever you are is you”. James Marcia theory proposed 4 statuses of identity: identity diffusion in which the person has no idea what he wants in life; identity foreclosure in which the person…show more content…
A child’s dream that someday I will be a nurse and that dream will come into reality when my Aunt offered her support to send me to a nursing school. The opportunity given to me by my aunt cause conflict between me and my father (crisis arise). This is where I experience the identity moratorium. I love my father and disobeying him hurt me as well. But my decision is final, so I shifted to nursing even though I’m incoming 3rd year in my Computer Science course and shifting to nursing means I will be 1st year again. I understand the reason why my father is not agreeing on my decision at that time. He feels that I wasted 2 years of my college at the same time he can’t afford nursing in case my aunt change her mind. My family is poor but my father believe that education is the only treasure he can give that no one else can take. Despite of everything, I enrolled in nursing for first semester. I am happy and enjoy nursing a lot that I got high grades. My father is so proud and give his support on my decision but after 1st semester, my father informed me that my aunt will not support me anymore. I feel sad about the news but I cannot
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