Essay On Public Art

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Public art can be the display of art in any form of media. In the past, artists have expressed it through paintings, murals, graffiti, performance, sculptures or carvings. Public art can be abstract or realistic. The scale of the art is not important as the message that the piece presents to the public can be inconsequential to it’s size. It can be viewed in just one location or spread out throughout an area. Public art in general has been proved to highlight the public awareness of a certain issue or topic, enhance an environment, improve struggling communities, create a discussion and attract tourism. The work is usually expressed in an altruistic way as objective is to make a connection with the public and so the work of art is a reflection of the views of the public combined with the artist as a whole. Most artists wish to bring their own creative style and technique to it’s work and use the project as a way to leave his or her own mark on society the same…show more content…
But it is in the late twentieth century that public art took on a particular change in character. This new idea of public art involves a sense of liberation and self expression. It was 1970s America that art in a public space had been finally identified the way we understand it and was used as a engine for urban regeneration. From the 1970s public art was not just seen as architectural sculpture and architecture or even monuments and statues. The expansion to outdoor sculpture, graffiti and interactive installations had been gradually happening in America for a number of reasons. Firstly, the 70s was a significant time in American history the Flower Power movement had already taken place and people had recognised the power of people and how it can effect society and it’s environment. People were discovering that public art can not only be permanent but also temporary create a different impact on society. This led to the rise of the urban
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