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In the last decade, there has been a sever lack of organs causing a public health crisis (Atala). Doctors and nurses are constantly striving to improve this public health crisis through research. As a result of this, modern medical technology has become highly advanced and provided doctors and nurses greater knowledge and better treatments of different diseases. However, there is still so much more to the ailments of the human body to discover and combat. Recently, stem cell research has been introduced to the medical community as one of the most promising methods of artificial organ transplant. The most successful stem cell transplant studies have involved the growing and transplantation of artificially grown kidneys. Using patients’ stem cells to grow a new kidney is the most effective method of artificial organ transplant because the benefits outweigh the risks and can potentially solve the organ shortage crisis. Finding a consistently…show more content…
Recently, there has been an increased incidence of organ failure along with a staggering lack of organ donors. This dilemma has created a public health crisis. “As a result there has been a major increase in the number of patients on transplant waiting lists as well as in the number of patients dying while on the waiting list (Abouna).” This public health crisis has robbed hundreds of thousands of patients a better quality of life, as well as a substantial amount of money for medical care (Abouna). “90 percent of the patients on the transplant list are actually waiting for a kidney. Patients are dying every day because we don’t have enough organs to go around (Atala).” With the proper funding, thousands of people would have the possibility of a better quality of life. If stem cell kidney transplantation research was properly funded, thousands of people could escape

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