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Topic: Identify and discuss a key public health problem in your country or region. What solutions have been proposed for this problem? Assess the effectiveness and practicality of these solutions? Lung cancer is a big health problem in China, and China is one of the highest incidence countries in the world, it has reached to 4.28% in 2014. Lung cancer is not only has a high incidence rate, but also has a very high mortality. This made China pay serious attention to lung cancer. China began to research it from many years ago. Until now, the success rate of cure lung cancer is instability. So, there are some ways that China used to reduce the incidence rate of lung cancer. Living environment is the main cause of lung cancer. The biggest issue…show more content…
First of all, the earliest law about smoking and public healthy was issued in 1991, it includes 13 types of public place that banned smoking and it was implementation in 1997. After that, in 2003, China signed in the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. This made Chinese enacted more specific laws; in 2008, enacted smoke-free legislation in several cities. After the Ministry of Health has joined three national health authorities in 2009, the most important achievement is that they decided on smoke-free health facilities. And another decision about smoke-free schools has issued in 2010. The effect of banned smoking is very significant, the Chinese adults smoking rate in 1996 is 33.7%, in 2002 is 28.5% and 27.9% in 2010 (Zhi et al. 2014), the smoker was decline year after year. Also, in 2009 the incidence rate for lung cancer was 53.57/100 thousand, new cancer cases accounted for 18.74%, then, in 2012, the incidence rate for lung cancer was 104/109476347, accounting for 8.2% of the total population. And the proportion of SCC patients in was decreased from 39.11% in 2000 to 32.23% in 2012 (Zhi et al. 2014). So, the smoking ban law had reduced the Incidence rate of lung cancer. But, government need to strengthen in cigarette sales management, many area stores are selling cigarettes to…show more content…
The PM2.5 pollution now is the second main reason that caused the lung cancer; the principle is as same as the smoking, so the smoking ban low can reduce PM2.5 pollution to a certain extent. In 2011, more and more Chinese people began to pay attention on Haze; the Chinese government strengthened the standard, the same standards as the United States in 2012. After that, various regions’ pm2.5 index was seriously exceeded. In fact, China had implemented measures before 2011; in 1987, Chinese government enacted the Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollutants law, and revised it in 1995 and 2000 (Cao et al. 2012). Factory is one of the main sources of pollution. Like Beijing, one of the most serious pollution cities in China; for the 2008 Olympic Games, most factories were moved to other cities, after that, Beijing’s air pollution was much better. After 2011, Chinese developed the standard of factory’s emissions. Then, the car exhaust is a significant source of pm2.5. Beijing first implemented the “Single and double numbers” in 2008, and keep using license plate number limit travel until now, it is not only eased the traffic but also reduce pollution. Furthermore, in 2010, Chinese government also enacted a special way to buy a vehicle “Yaohao”, this greatly reduces the increase in the number of vehicles. All these solutions played a certain role, just in 2012, the

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