Public Health History

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Public health is a type of science that works to promote health and quality of life by preventing and controlling disease, injury and disability The history of public health come all the way from centuries and has been recognized as having concern for the human health. It has been also recognized that the treatment of illness in individuals is different from public health’s focus which is the preventing and protecting the health of a population. (Scotia N, 2007). Public health history has a lot of importance to the communities as it has brought out a lot of achievements as follows: introduction of vaccines, motor vehicle safety, safe workplace, control of infectious diseases, reduced deaths from coronary heart diseases and stroke, safe and…show more content…
Education gives an increased opportunity for income and job security and gives people a sense of control over life circumstances. Social support networks which is from families, friends and communities is associated with better health. This is seen in stress effects as mourning, when more people come to support everything comes simple and stress free. Effective support from family and friends acts as a control of a health problem. Improvement on employment and better working conditions encourages people to have control over their work hence fewer stressful job demands resulting to healthier conditions and often live longer than those with stressful or riskier work and activities. Unemployment is associated with poor health. Personal health practices and copying skills refers to activities / actions by which individuals can prevent diseases and promote self-care, cope with challenges and develop self-reliance, solve problems and make choices that enhance health e.g. promoting condom use, avoiding excessive alcohol abuse and avoiding idleness but getting involved in physical…show more content…
So nutritional effects on developing children is vital and need to be stressed. Pregnant mothers should be encouraged to have good nutrition as to improve development of the child. Improvement in physical factors in natural environment like water, air is vital on health. Pollution to air even water bodies should be avoided. Good disposal of waste is the key to avoiding contamination of water and air. On built human environment such as houses, workplaces, communities and roads should be taken care of to avoid infections and injuries. References CDC, 2010. TEN GREAT PUBLIC HEALTH ACHIEVEMENTS. In: T. T. M. MPH, ed. MMWR. s.l.:BROUN SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH, pp. 241-243. RAYMOND L GOLDSTEEN,KARAN GOLDSTEEN,TERRY L DWEKE, 2015. INTRODUCTION TO PUBLIC HEALTH. 2ND ed. NEWYORK: SPRINGER PUBLISHING COMPANY. SCOTIA, N., 2007. AN INTRODUCTION TO PUBLIC HEALTH (PH101). 1 ed. ATLANTA: PYRA MANAGEMENT CONSULTING SERVICE

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