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Transportation is about more than just moving people from point A to point B. It’s also a system that can either limit or expand the opportunities available to people based on where ever they are. In many cities, the areas with the most access to public transit are the most impoverished—and the lack of attention and investment leaves many without easy access to jobs, goods, and services which leads to poverty and debts.
The aging and inadequate transportation and infrastructure has been troubling a lot of people in their daily transport to their work place.
Some more people like;
• Christina Guthrie, Champaign City, Illinois, United States • 6/22/2015
I 've seen it where I work. The nearest bus stop is at least a mile away, and we 're a
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Those who can afford private cabs prefer not to travel by public transport, however, majority of the people in the twin cities use public transport for travelling.
The commuters who use public transport face a number of issues including over-crowded vans, hustling in and out of passengers, long waits by vans for passengers at various stops and the use of foul language by drivers and conductors when they are asked to move the vehicles.
Aalia, a commuter, who travels to her office in Islamabad from Saddar every day, complained that women have to wait for long at bus stops during peak hours because front seats, which are usually reserved for female passengers, remain occupied by male passengers.
The transport in Gujarat has gone to certain extend, as they have the private company transportation provided by the company they are working in(for example the Larsen and Toubro is one of companies who provide their workers with transportation). The few companies have their own transport which makes the streets and the crowd in public transport less crowed in the early morning.

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