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The underground punk subculture in Singapore may come across as a rebellion group, fighting against the conformist and conservative nature of their country. That is mostly true, but sometimes these youngsters just want to have some fun. This growing group of people can be broken down into five categories; recognition, exclusivity, primordiality, status, claims and goals (Chang & Pillai 2016, para. 5). Punks can be recognized by their race. Consisting of mostly Malays, they use the punk world as a form of escapism and to shed light on the negative experiences they have as a minority race in Singapore. This subculture isn’t an exclusive one; no one is more superior as everyone is seen as equal individuals. There is a sense of mutual respect amongst…show more content…
It trickled down all the way from the West side of the globe. In the article titled “Trash, Glamour, Punk” by Shaun Cole (2000), he states, "The early punk subculture in both America and Britain had developed as ‘a reaction against the massive commercialization of both music and fashion for the young’ and was characterised by anti-commercialism and anti-romanticism. Whereas British punk was a working-class response to economic depression and authoritarian ideology, in America it was more a middle-class expression of alienation from and disgust with mainstream values. Punk had similar origins in both London and New York, arising out of an alternative, disaffected scene of young people who embraced and encouraged difference and individuality.” At that point in time in the 70s, spiky hair and clothing was a representation of one’s dislike for the general society’s choices. It didn’t matter what exactly the people were opposing in their respective countries. The point was that if one is unhappy about something, they could always turn to punk to voice out their opinions. With globalization occurring through Hollywood movies and more Western music being played on the radio, Singaporean youth in the 90s found themselves forming their own punk

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