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Mutts vs. Purebreds
Purebreds are the dog everyone knows and loves with all their heart, but the truth about them will raise many questions. Mutts, or mixed breed dogs, are always underestimated because they do not belong to one certain breed. This causes them to end up in pounds all around the world because they aren’t as easily identified as some purebred dogs. Although purebreds are beautiful, in my opinion mutts make a better dog because mutts are more natural, cost less, and are generally healthier.

Some people might say that mutts are unnatural dogs; however, this isn’t true because dogs are meant to mix with different breeds. “Mutts are dogs in their natural state! Even though humans have lived with domesticated dogs for over ten thousand years, purebred dogs didn’t even exist until about a hundred and fifty years
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“Those diseases are REALLY serious. Sixty percent of Golden Retrievers die of cancer.”(Beck). To add to the terrible truth, “An estimated 95 percent of King Charles Spaniels have skulls that are too small for their brains” (roblib). This shows that mutts don’t get genetic diseases as often a purebreds do. This is important because these genetic diseases cause dogs to have shorter life spans and many vet visits. “Poor Bulldogs noses are so squashed that they can barely breathe. Their heads are so big that they almost always have to be born via C-section. Their tails can become ingrown, they basically all have hip dysplasia, and their average life expectancy is SIX YEARS.” (Denizet-Lewis). This shows that some purebreds have it very bad like the poor bulldog. This is important because some of these dogs have it so bad to the point where they shouldn’t even be alive. Genetic diseases are a big problem in purebreds and if all dogs were mutts, then it wouldn’t be such a big

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