Essay On Purebreds

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Mutts vs. Purebreds
Purebreds are the dog everyone knows and loves with all their heart, but the truth about them will raise many questions. Mutts, or mixed breed dogs, are always underestimated because they do not belong to one certain breed. This causes them to end up in pounds all around the world because they aren’t as easily identified as some purebred dogs. Although purebreds are beautiful, in my opinion mutts make a better dog because mutts are more natural, cost less, and are generally healthier.

Some people might say that mutts are unnatural dogs; however, this isn’t true because dogs are meant to mix with different breeds. “Mutts are dogs in their natural state! Even though humans have lived with domesticated dogs for over ten
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The mutts at the pound cost significantly less and they have less time to find a home. “Most mutts are not granted the privilege of a happy home environment, you might assume mutts will never beat a well-bred purebred”(Mahaney). This is important because hundreds of dogs, mainly mutts, die in shelters alone without a family. Therefore the poor mutt never knows what it feels like to be loved, and was probably abused and left on the streets. In addition, “The best place to get a mixed-breed puppy is often an animal shelter, where the cost is mostly limited to the adoption, spay/neuter and vaccination fees, with the added benefit of knowing you have actually saved the life of a puppy”(Mixed or Purebred Puppy: Which is Better?, Puppy center). This shows that, if you get a mutt at the shelter it will cost less than a purebred. This is important because now you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on buying the dog, but you can spend that money on toys, treats, and vet visits. Mutts don’t last too long in the pound, all you need is about $100 and you could save a life and make a friend all in the same
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