The Pursuit Of Happiness Essay

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Life is complicated and everyone goes through stress no matter who you are and what you do some things will catch you off garde in life. Yet not matter what you should never let the challenges of life consume you or interfere with your life goals. The pursuit of happiness was directed by Gabriele Muccino this movie depicts the real life events of of Chris Gardner and the struggles he went through in life to pursue happiness. In my essay I will be talk about how Chris work hard to pursue his dream jobs also how his stress affected his identity and how without stress u can not find happiness. Viewers need to understand that when a person is in a stressful situation they need to reflect on their identity and their values because they need to…show more content…
In the the pursuit of happiness chris went through a lot of stress that was very bad for his health and for him to put up with being homeless must of been a lot for is health and he punched and strived for what he wanted in life. As man who is single with a done and homeless but still working is very hard and a lot of people can punch themselves to do that in cause there mind set and life goes are very messed up because the stress that people have pille up and we just don’t know how to help are self so we let it get the best of us but in the end if we didn’t have stress we wouldn’t have happiness or love In Are heart for the people that we showed respect for and and Chris has given a lot of people respect and kinds cause there’s not one time when he has said no to anything because he had a heart for love and respect all because of stress got the best of him and he found himself and he didn’t let it get to his head like most people would. In the movie they zoomed up a lot to his face where u can really see the stress affecting his identity as a person and you can really see up close how his eyes looked really tired and his skin getting darker because he wasn’t getting the right showers he needed a day because he lived on the
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