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Pyelonephritis can be defined as an acute sudden, and severe bacterial infection (an infection caused by the abundant growth of bacteria) of the kidney’s (organs that play a role in regulating fluid balance, and also filter out waste in the blood through the urine). Although this is an acute (experiences at a severe or dangerous degree) disease (a disorder of a structure or function in the human body) it can be very harmful to the body. Just the acute form of pyelonephritis can start in the lower urinary tract (where the urine is produced and discharged out of the body), such as in the bladder (where urine is collected to be excreted) and end up traveling to the kidney’s, causing the kidneys to swell (to become inflamed) and can actually cause renal scarring (thick, irregular scars that are a characteristic of pyelonephritis) if not treated properly.…show more content…
It can be caused by an influx of bacteria into the urinary tract, which can result from bad hygiene or holding in urine (waste material that is secreted by the kidneys). However, chronic (occurring for a long period of time, or always reoccurring) pyelonephritis can cause even more damage to the internal organs (organs within the chest or abdomen). This form of pyelonephritis can be described as the continuing infection of the kidneys, this time, more serious because there is an abundance of pus (liquid formed in infected tissue) present. This type is more common in patients who have a history of having anatomic abnormalities (relating to the body and having problems) such as kidney stones (a hard mass formed in the

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