Qualities That Distinguish Women Leaders

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Men and women are human beings and equal in each rule in this life. Although there are differences between them, these differences make them unique and special. In fact, men always think that women are created to be treated as slaves. For instance, they prevent them from saying their opinions and forcing them to stay at home to cook and raise their children. However, women have to fight against these men in order to prove themselves in the society. Actually, men think that they are the only gender who is living in this world because in their point of view women don’t have such an effective role in the society. Consequently, it’s time to prove for these men that women exist in this world. So, every single person should ask himself how women can have a leading position with effective skills without any differences compared to men.
Female leaders have more effective qualities than men leaders in various regions. The article “Qualities that Distinguish Women Leaders” has deep information about women who really deserve to be in leader positions and it shows many successful persons who are definitely women in the world. As mentioned in the article, “women possess stronger interpersonal skills (empathy, flexibility and sociability) and are
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“Comparison of Male and Female Leadership Styles” is a journal article by J. Brad Chapman where he makes a comparison between men and women leadership styles and also demonstrates a study that provides evidence that make female leaders compete men leadership skills. According to his studies, “although there may be a difference in leadership behaviors between male and female leaders, there are no differences in terms of style” (Chapman 649). Consequently, women can be leaders like men because each woman has the same skills that men
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