Essay On Quality Of Human Life

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3. Review of literature

3.1 Quality of human life Life is a very precious gift especially as unique human beings. Every moment of human life brings an opportunity to develop, act and express the virtues and that provides the way to open the path to being connected to fellow beings. It’s true that life provides with both positive and negative situations to strive and respond positively to move towards goodness. Facing problems helps to purify the soul, since the body is a temple and should be kept like a healthy vehicle for the spirit. People who are not interested in life lead to lose their spirit to fall. There is a continuous competition between positive and negative karma, which make bond or break the human oath with the almighty. People failing to comprehend the value of human life react negatively and continuously to various situations of life that will put health at risk. Laws of the spirit are not followed problems will
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Neem is considered as holy tree, which eliminates the evil possession by the unclean spirits. The neem leaves are harmless to human beings, animals, birds, insects and all kinds of beasts. The neem seeds are used as manure and can be used on food crops. The chemical molecular contents of neem helps to protect the people from all kinds of skin disorders caused by worms, fungi, mites, nematodes and acts as a broad spectrum of insects. The neem extracts has molecular substances possessing the medicinal properties on diabetic patients in lowering of blood glucose level and anti-diabetic activities. Neem works on the varieties of skin infections, inflammations caused by all sorts of microorganisms. It is generally considered as broad-spectrum antibiotic, antiseptic, anti-infective and so on. Traditionally it has been used as blood purifying agent. (Debjit,

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