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While on an overseas vacation, have you ever taken the time to notice the different types of service each hotel portrays? Have you noticed the different ways the bellman greets you at the door? Or how the bilingual guest services rep greets you in another language? Around the world different hotels use several unique techniques to attract visitors from around the world and approaches used to maintain loyal guests. However, in today’s hospitality and tourism industry the quality of service has drastically changed leaving guests feeling that hotels are “hurting their customer relationships.”
The labor provided by hotel employees does not always guarantee guest loyalty to a hotel. Signifying that every two years managers and employees that work front of the house in a hotel should take part in a training program to help bring awareness to further clarify the importance of the employee’s role in customer service and satisfaction, proper service recovery, the manager’s role in their department and brand awareness; in order to control the fluctuating amount of loyal guests in a hotel.
A hotel’s main objective is to provide quality service to all visitors and guests. This should
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Where there are some who will go above and beyond on their job to please a guest whereas, there are quite a number who are only there to “clock in and clock out.” Firms in the hospitality industry value the accumulation of job experience and take the time to train their staff members (Yang 2008). If hotel employees can provide customers with professional service and apply the skills that they have acquired in training to do their jobs, these employees will make fewer errors and improve guest satisfaction. The role human resources play in hotels today aside from training new employees is to determine newer ways to keep the motivational plateau rising through seminars, in house staffing events, award/certificate giveaways
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