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Lakes and surface water reservoir are the planet’s most important resources that provide innumerable benefit to all living organisms. Limological studies are carried out throughout all parts of World on various rivers, streams, ponds, lakes and reservoirs to estimate their physico-chemical parameters and biological parameters. Hence, a lake may be defined as an enclosed body of water (usually freshwater) that are surrounded by land and are with no direct access to the sea. Lakes are sometimes subjected to wastewater discharges originating from different sources. Chemicals like nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon in certain concentration might disrupt aquatic ecosystem. Eutrophication of inland water bodies has become synonymous with the deterioration of water quality, which interferes with most of its beneficial uses. Nowadays, many human activities (anthropogenic activity) are mainly responsible for distortion of the ecosystem which alarms danger zone of water…show more content…
Due to this, human population suffers from water borne diseases. It has, therefore, become necessary to check the quality of water at regular intervals of time.
This brief overview about lake, various factors affecting its water quality, eutrophication has made it important aspect to study the quality of the aquatic ecosystem at regular interval of time so that the quality of the water can be monitored and timely suggestions can be recommended to the lake water monitoring authorities to take necessary measures. Hence, this investigation aims at studying seven necessary lake ecosystem of Mandya district as social contribution to the society by studying its quality.
2.1. Physico-chemical

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