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You have to go through many obstacles to reach your goal. You also have to go through many challenges to accomplish the many different traditions you have. Many do sweet 16’s and that’s a tradition but there are much more, for example, a Quinceanera. A quinceanera is a traditional party you have when you turn 15. A quinceanera is to say that you left the little girl and became a young woman. In “Apache girl” she went through obstacles to become an Apache Girl and to let go of the little girl she was. I relate to “Apache Girl” because when I turn 15 I’m going to have a quinceanera because that is a family tradition my family and I have. Since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to have a quinceanera just like the girl in “Apache Girl” the girl wanted to become an Apache girl. Being an Apache Girl and Having a Quinceanera are very similar because they both talk about becoming a woman and they both show the unique tradition they have. In a Quinceanera your parents change your shoe to a high heel, this demonstrates that you have left the young girl and you became this young woman. In Apache Girl, they do a ritual but in Quinceanera’s, It’s a huge party.…show more content…
In Apache girl, you dance for the whole night and in a quinceanera, you do many dances like a daughter and dad valz which is a slow dance but you have to dance a unique song, it is very important to a quinceanera and a dad because they get to have that special moment where they dance together. Also, you may have a surprise dance which is a dance or dances where you dance with other people, they just join the dancing and get to dance with the quinceanera. Many do another dance with some friends and other relatives but they do it professionally and they either dance with everybody or they dance with their chambelanes and Damas ( boys of honor and girls of honor
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