Essay On Race And Racism

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The relationship between race and racism is due to the fact that there are racial categories created, in order for particular social groups to be on top of the hierarchy. For example, the white group, which is on top of this racial hierarchy, established the notion of race in order to benefit themselves, which has led to racism among other minority groups. The ideology of a group being superior than others leads to racism. Ultimately, race is the product of racism, and racism is not the product of race (25). The society that organizes individuals and groups into different races will never be free of racism. It is clear that as long as there are racial categories in a society, there will always racism. Racism stems from within a person, which,…show more content…
These laws emerge in the late 1600s which are truly significant due to the fact that whites do a great job of categorizing themselves as a separate race. The problems that the scheme of free black people created were that white individuals became obsessed to freed blacks because they felt truly threatened. For example, “white landowners had to make absolutely certain that free blacks would never become socially equal to whites or encourage blacks to revolt in order to join their ranks” (10). Whites ultimately wanted to be sure that free blacks will never pose a threat to them. Whiteness as property is significant as it allows us to analyze the superiority that white individuals retained during this time period. It allows us to explicitly distinguish the enormous privilege that white groups obtained. For example, “Europeans assumed whiteness as a personal identity and possession that naturally entitled them to a privileged social position” (10). It ultimately allows us to see that that whites have tangible and economically valuable
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