Essay On Race Relations

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In the past decade race relations have taken a tremendous part in the daily lives of United State’s citizens,but it has always been endorsed in our history. For example, in the nation’s mere beginning when the Mayflower pilgrims and the Native Americans became formed one of the most important alliance in the United State’s history. However, not all race relations can be positive, Recently prospective Republican candidate for the presidency Donald Trump has taken a firm stance against the Mexican community by accusing the Mexicans of “bringing drugs and crime”. It is recognizable that the United States has had many racial affairs, and still continues to do so due to the simple fact that the country of the United States has the most extensive…show more content…
However our neighborhood was not just made up of hispanics but rather very diverse. Now racial profiling is rather humerous for me due to the fact that more times than not, I am racially profiled based off of my appearance and the way someone perceives me. My parents have taught me to discount the judgement because as they say I know who I am and everything else shouldn 't matter. Anyhow, my personal experience should come to show that there is no way you can judge someone based entirely their appearance not just in racial matters because chances are you will just show the rest of the world how naive you can be. Living in a country so diverse which means we all don’t look the same. My mother used to tell me stories about her old job as a waitress in a Chinese buffet restaurant back in Mexico. As a child, I handled the information very childishly. I came up with the idea that she had picked me up from a dumpster to take care of me or something along those lines( I was only 6 ). I know this was very dramatic of me, but at the moment I considered that I had a reasonable excuse to have such thought. I am utterly grateful that I was exposure to racial relations as I did so I didn 't feel alienated due to the fact that I was categorized as minority amongst my
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