Essay On Racial Brutality

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Under recent events, police are being called out for racial brutality. After the killings of black people by police officers, some people are calling it an injustice and that it was race related. Today police are under high amounts of pressure are trying to do the best job that they can. Police, for the most part do not racially discriminate. The police have one of the toughest jobs in America. They have to make life or death decisions in a matter of seconds. They have to work extreme and irregular work hours in a highly stressful work environment. This sadly can create bad judgment, however bad judgment cannot excuse yourself for a death. A police officer duty is to protect and to enforce the laws. When they feel that somebody is endangerment to other people, then they will have…show more content…
Black people consist of around 13% of America’s population, yet commit around 51% of homicides in America. The police, when they go into these types of areas, have to be on high alert and evaluate every situation individually. Despite all the pressure of these situations, police are still less likely to shoot a black person than a white one. For example, there was a study by Washington State University that police officers were 20 percent less likely to shoot a black man rather than a white one. It also concluded that it took a longer time for a police officer to shoot an armed black man than a white one. There is no doubt that there is police brutality. In the old case of Rodney King, it was a clear case of police brutality the police should be prosecuted and put into jail over something of that nature. There are police who feel too empowered and feel like they gen do anything without. Consequences Sadly, this does happen at times the police will abuse their power over people and get away with it. some police do abuse their power and can be led by racial
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