Essay On Racial Discrimination

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Racial discrimination is prevalent in many areas of the workplace.Psychologists believe that the majority of the thought process of prejudice starts to provoke in early years of childhood. The young child does not have a fully developed perception of various aspects of the society all at once. His perception of them is gradually learned/taught by adults, family, peers ,mass media or his own personal experience. Social and cultural influences play a major role in affecting the development of perception of a child towards the society. The child acquires prejudice attitudes and interests from the social environment and they powerfully create an impact on the perception of the child. Hence, we must discourage parents and other adults who serve as a model for children from…show more content…
There are various ways to deal with the racial dispute at classroom. Stereotypes play an important role in prejudice. The tendency to think about others in terms of their membership in various groups ar categories appears to be a key factor in the occurance and persistance of prejudicial behaviour. It is vital for a teacher to have a proper understanding and knowledge regarding the children and their behaviour in order to shape them as good citizens of the society. The main cause of racial discrimination towards a child in a classroom is may be due to the fact that the worlds of those children are distinct and they rarely intersect. Since racism is directly or indirectly rooted in prolonged prejudice among the young children, getting over them could be a challenging task. However, a substantial stance must be taken against racism to resolve the concern. When a child has been bullied by a group of kids during the school hours, he will be panicked, isolated, helpless and become incapable to fight for himself. The racial discrimination holds upon anxieties that have broken a child 's confidence in himself and his fellow mates.He does not
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