Essay On Racial Discrimination In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In To Kill a Mockingbird, the author Harper Lee introduces a discussion of racial prejudice and justice, a controversial issue that was extremely important during the time the book was published (1960s). On one hand, the character Atticus Finch argued that people should not be discriminated because of skin color, while on the other hand, background characters contended that black people were genetically inferior to white people, and therefore should be set to a different standard. Today, racial tensions are still present, but a new wave of people are being discriminated against for their different sexualities and gender identities. When it comes to the topic of LGBT+ rights, most of us will readily agree that they should not be discriminated against, whereas others are…show more content…
In Harper Lee’s view through the character of the fictitious lawyer Atticus Finch, “some negroes lie, some negroes are immoral, some negro men cannot be trusted around women, but this is a truth that applies to all human race and to no particular race of men”. In other words, Harper Lee believes that African American people should be treated just as equally with other people, since they are just like everyone else. In order to do this, Lee takes advantage of her main character’s occupation (a lawyer), in order to make her audience see how those who are highly educated and understand the idea of “justice” view the topic of racism. The author uses the court system, which is supposedly just and fair to legitimize her argument: the court system is something people put their trust in, it is the place where the actual truth must be revealed. By making Atticus’ case fail, and letting the defendant die, Harper Lee reveals truth in fiction, what is perceived to bring justice did exactly the opposite, and that at this time, the idea of “justice” could not be accessible to
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