Essay On Racial Equality In Health Care

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The topic I would like to discuss is racial equality in the health care field. Racial equality is a topic that is slowly leaving everyone’s daily life. We have to influence the health care providers to endorse upcoming professionals in the next generation to be better that the one before. These care givers need to define laws of racial equality and justice. This influence can help us eliminate racial violence, crimes, and improper care. This country is home to the free, and everyone is born as an equal individual. Therefore, we must push for advocates in the health care field to transform their departments to fit an equal based lifestyle.
Equality in America has been a pressing issue since slavery. Slavery is only an example for the racial injustice, inequality, and hardship in the United States. Racial equality can be defined as equal rights given to all races. Today, we neglect the importance of creating an equal common ground for every human being. This could range from age, race, religion, to culture, etc. In the health care
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Health care systems must create statements of policy which will help to eliminate racial injustice and develop culturally competent services. Clarification of racial equality is the basic key that legislation must apply to health policies and practices. Realistic and practical strategies are need to properly respond to the requirements of black minority ethnic communities. We will need to include more efficient programs to educate young adults and children what racial equality is, and how important it is in the health care field. There must be specific guidelines that hospitals must push for in every professional individual. These care givers must not neglect their responsibilities in their profession. Racial equality will ensure a beneficial lifestyle to people everywhere, and it provides an opportunity to engage in anything they put their minds
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