Essay On Racial Identity

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Racial identity plays a role in the physical and psychological features of humans. Physically, humans in different parts of the globe endure different conditions and environments. Humans adapt to their environments and obtain different physical traits, henceforth, these physical traits have become adjacent to race. Psychologically, ancestral prejudices and influences throughout history have lingered through the generations and have impacted modern racial identities and tensions. Ethnic conflicts of the past such as the Social Darwinist theory of a "superior race" are morally refuted in current times, but that assumption had a brunt impact in which the world is still repairing today. All the circumstances of the past, good and bad, are what …show more content…

Within the public educational system, children interact with all sorts of people. Personally, I went to a public elementary school local to Palm Springs. Vista Del Monte or in English, "View of the Mountain" was a mostly Hispanic school. Even the name is in Spanish. I could count the number of Caucasian people in my class on one hand. Most of my friends were Hispanic. I am still friends with many of the same people I grew up with at Vista Del Monte, including Damian Garcia. One of my fondest memories at that school was the time my group of friends and I were playing tag at ASES. Damian ran down the bumpy slide and took flight only to crash, burn, and become rendered immobile. Afterward, we just laughed it off. Although I would be considered a minority at that school, I never felt inferior because of my racial identity. Although, one African American student tried to challenge me about the rules of basketball. We argued whether the offensive player could dribble the ball again after the defender touches the ball. His logical fallacy was that he knew the rules at basketball better than I did due to his racial identity. He is, however, incorrect about the rules of basketball. For some reason all the teachers at that school were Caucasian. The teachers had mediocre expectations and hardly pushed the students for success. This is very different from Palm Springs High School where the teachers help to push students to

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