Essay On Racial Inequality In America

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A problem I would like to solve is the prevalent racial inequality in the United States today. African Americans and Hispanics are the most underserved racial groups in American society. About 45% of African Americans and 46% of Hispanics live in episodic poverty (defined as poverty lasting less than three years). Over 15% of African Americans are unemployed, and they make up 40% of the prison population in America. This is a shocking statistic, as only 13% of the United States ' population is African American. Racial profiling occurs at higher rates for African Americans and Hispanics. This issue is very significant to me as almost all of my closest friends are African American or Hispanic. Every time I hear on the news that an African American or Hispanic man was shot or brutalized by a…show more content…
I would never be able to confront every police officer who has killed or brutalized somebody, or feels threatened by minorities while on the line, and change their mindset. As an individual, I can be an informed voter and support the politicians and people that will work for change. The American public needs to be made aware of the vast inequality among people of color and whites. I can work with others to put this issue into the spotlight and support organizations that will work to bring about change. I can also support organizations that will help and serve the African-American and Hispanic communities so that these people have the adequate resources to bring themselves out of poverty, get higher educations, and find employment. Working with others for change is my solution to this problem that is important to me and those around me. I believe that educating both white Americans and minorities about inequality will bring about a greater equality among
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