Essay On Racial Inequality

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“The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal” a quote by Aristotle. This quote means that even though we can try to make things unequal things equal it’ll be a difficult way to do so .There is inequality in the United States in regards to Racial Inequality, Education Inequality, and Gender Inequality.
African American’s ability to live a fruitful life is negatively impacted by racism in regards to their education. It is observed that white teachers are known to label their black students as troublemakers. For black students who have a degree, their job isn’t guaranteed to them. Here lies evidence from two articles that discuss these subjects further. Accordingly, teachers are more likely to label black students as troublemakers. Professor Jennifer Eberhardt and graduate student Jason Okonofua, in Stanford’s Department of
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The story,” Big Black Good Man” by Richard Wright is about a hotel receptionist named Olaf Jenson, who loved his job, but one day when a sailor by the name of Jim came in Olaf was terrified of his size and color causing him to stereotype Jim as a bad guy. This proves that there is inequality in regards to the community. One way Richard Wright displayed racism is that Olaf was afraid of Jim because Jim was staring at the biggest, strangest, and the blackest man he’d ever seen in his lifetime. According to the text, it states,” He was staring at the biggest, strangest, and the blackest man he’d ever seen in all his life.” This indicates that Olaf thought of Jim as strange. Another way that Richard Wright exhibited racism is that Olaf was showing fear towards Jim is because when Jim’s last day at the hotel came about, Jim confronted Olaf at the front desk causing Olaf to defecate himself. Jim also told Olaf to drop dead before he left, which also frightened Olaf in a huge way. Moreover, this proves that there is racial inequality in regards to the
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