Essay On Racial Slavery

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To understand the development, evolution, and implications of racial slavery, one must first understand the collision course between the Americas, Western Europe, and West Africa. It ignited a brutal campaign resulting in the loss of human life and cultural extinction of African and native peoples, “Seeking wealth or land, they commenced a process of conquest and settlement that would alter or destroy the lives of the people who already lived there” (Clark, pg. 8). While no master plan existed for racial enslavement, the belief in racial superiority and possessing an upper hand in terms of socioeconomic standing, allowed for this racial element to become intertwined with slavery. There were some key developments in terms of the progression…show more content…
Slavery existed in Western Europe and in Africa, however, it was fundamentally different from the Americas, as it was not centered around the color of one’s skin and how one looked. The colonization of the New World was built upon the principles of European financial and cultural hegemony over the rest of the world; African enslavement was a necessity that would allow this grand plan to reach fruition.
While the act of slavery itself is inhumane, racial slavery is truly wretched and devalued human life to such an extent that millions needlessly died in the European pursuit of wealth and power. Europeans simply categorized everyone in West Africa as the same, to justify slave trade, ignoring culture, customs, and differences between tribes. Even though, Africa was already developed, Europeans lied about them as savage backwards people when such a reality did not exist, “In complexity and prosperity, many African societies compared with those of Europe and Central America” (Clark, pg. 15). Africa had commerce and weren’t just primitive rural people (Lect. 2, 1/22). The Portuguese in West Africa found a thriving commerce of slave trade. This slave trade
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