Essay On Racial Stereotypes Of African Americans

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The racial stereotype of African Americans are us being lazy with working or other things. African Americans are assumed as lazy americans is by them watching tv and some not taking their education more seriously than white people. How are racial stereotypes influential?The studies of it effects the people of today because they are not reaching up to others expectations. Why is discussion of racial stereotyping in the media important? Consumption of media by children this effects the children of our economy by them not learning because we have white racist teachers. Also the consumption of the media by Americans overall Overall the media has effect the america overall by showing false reports about what had happened or just making a riot with african americans that do not like what has happened to their own kind. From this quote it tells me that ever since african-americans were slaves they have been treated like animals, and white americans think that we are stupid but that is not the case though. Though I know there are actively racist teachers out there, most White teachers mean well and have no intention of being racist. How does destine black communities view the way race is media today? If television and racist teachers are effecting our economy today what would it be like in the…show more content…
This is the big question of all to me about segregation, if segregation stops then how will the country be. Also how would others react to this conflict not just in the United States but out of the whole world with having segregation.”Sports today does not have many problems with racism but back in the past there were a lot and it was terrible on how they treated african-americans that knew how to play.” (Monika Stodolska, Kimberly Shinew, Myron Floyd, and Gordon Walker)This statement disturbs me when I read it because our African Americans could not play sports that they are good at jus because of their
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