Essay On Racism And Discrimination

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Racism and discrimination both mean basically the same thing. They mean to have prejudice against a specific race because they are that race/religion . They also stand for something that has been going on in the world forever. They also stand for two things that are wrong in the world. They also stand for hate. I personally have experienced racism against me in my lifetime. I have certainly heard racist jokes being told from kid to kid. I personally don’t think that kids truly understand what a racist joke can do to the victim. I also believe that a lot of adults are rascist to within their job. An ethnicity is an important party of a person’s true identify and racist jokes can make a person feel upset and embarrassed about their ethnicity. It makes them feel like they have a tarnished ethnicity background.

Racism and discrimination are just one of the many social issues that face the world today. Racism can be found in schools, in public places, in work offices, and many more places. One way that people try to spread awareness for a topic is by writing about it.In the book Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli the main characters are a boy in
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When people are born they do not choose to be a certain way. No one has the choice ot be white or black or any color in between. The only true choice people have in the world is how are they going to treat people. You choose to be excepting and welcoming to other races, or you can be tolorant abouit other rcaes. There is no excuse for being ruthless and unhumane like towards someone for their race. I also took away a very important life lesson from the book: Different is new and new is not weird. I think that is a very important life lesson to learn because althought someone may not be exactly like you they should still be treated with respect. There's also only one of you, why would u want a second person just like you; we need different people in this

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