Examples Of Racism And Prejudice Today

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Racism and Prejudice have affected this country for a long period of time. Since the revolutionary war, African Americans have been tortured, beaten, and even killed just because their skin close was different than that of white people. In today's age racism exist in a different way. African Americans are no longer enslaved, or segregated from white people. Racism exists today through jokes and things that people have heard from each other. Some people do not intend to be racism while others do. Either way, these people who are racist, often are associated with ignorance. The definition of ignorance is lack of information or knowledge. People are sometimes racism because they lack the experience or information needed and say something racist…show more content…
The Oxford definition of racism is Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. We need to teach young children not say bad things about another person based on the color of their skin or not allow them to participate because of the color of their skin. How we can educate young people about racism is too created a program that talks about what the issue with racism has caused in the past and the ways it could be prevented in the future. Like the civil, or how African Americans were segregated from white people for a very long time. This caused dissension in America that we should not want future generations to go through. I know that we learned in school about the civil rights movement and the civil war but did anyone ever explain to us what is wrong or racist about them. We learned from other people said, what our parents, what the media says, and just what we have experienced. If you are driving through the projects and just assume that only…show more content…
As a young, we all know that sometimes, we just memorize that certain things are wrong to say without ever thinking about why. As I grew up I learned what it meant to be racist and what it is wrong. Part of the racist jokes I make sometimes is that again I was never told why certain racial expletives are racist and not right to say. We are given a free pass because our friends think it is funny and they also make the jokes, which makes it acceptable to make the jokes. I believe racism is not acceptable and that we should be allowed to be given free passes. All of this can come back to the point about how we never specifically learned why it is not okay to put down another race. Racism can not ever go away in the world it is just one of the many things that have been in the world since the first settlers came in 1620. We as Americans can teach young adults and children about what it means to be racist and tell them why it is wrong. If we are able to do that educate the young people then we can truly be one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for

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