Essay On Racism

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Racism is found throughout human history.
Racism is not only a crime, but also a disease, infecting almost everyone.
Racism is a set of conscious or non-conscious behaviors, based on the idea of the superiority of some men/women (people) over others.
These behaviors lead to segregation or racial discrimination. Racism is finally a hatred towards a group or a category of people. Segregation, racial discrimination are words that otherwise mean racism. To be racist is to refuse a man or a woman because of the color of his skin, his religion or his origins. There is so many types of racism.
In fact racist people are often afraid of those who are not like them. This fear of difference gives rise to aggressive attitudes. One offends
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2. Institutional.
3. Cultural.
4. Scientific.

1. Individual racism:

When the racism precede from one individual their culture and their comments.
Individual Racism is connected to from broader socio-economic histories and processes and is supported by systemic racism. Because we live in such a culture of individualism (and with the privilege of freedom of speech), some people argue that their statements/ideas are not racist because they are just "personal opinion."

2. Institutional racism:

When established laws, customs, larger organizations or group puts regulations in place that put people down. People do that without purpose to do it . Institutional racism is a pattern of social institutions giving negative treatment to a group of people based on their race. Institutional racism leads to inequality; sociologists use the concept to explain why some people face unequal treatment or occupy unequal statuses.

3. Cultural racism:

Cultrual stereotypes that allow us to think about groups inappropriately and ignorantly.
It is also when they take an ethnic dimension, a social disease, not a national movement even if they claim to be patriotic or democratic. It is like religious extremism practiced by
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