Racism Against Black People

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RACISM Racism is one of the world's greatest problems, especially in America. In order the solve this problem we first need to know what racism literally is. There are many types of racism in America ; some of them are the racism against the black people, against Latin people etc . Racism isn't new in America . And it isn't something created by some hateful racist people . Racism is related to American social structure. After occupation of the America white people started to torture the blacks . And the blacks started to hate the white people . From the perspective of white people, coloured/black people were just as animals to be manipulated. Today there are some Americans who still think like that. But they don't know that blacks were humans like whites. Today in America there are a lot of different nations living together. It means a lot of different cultures , regions,physical characteristics... Blacks , whites , Chinese , Japanese , ... They are living in America because of more quality in standard of living. But sometimes they are exposed to racism . Racism can start with little jokes . Nobady thinks about it so bad but it is becoming more and dangerous day by day . Racism is something you cannot figure out how it starts . THE RACISM AGAINST THE BLACK PEOPLE In the past European countries worried about go to Africa because of blacks. They used to think that blacks were cannibals and when they touched blacks , they would be black . There…show more content…
Hispanics are the target of anti-human rights steps. Hispanic has a meaning Spanish or Spanish culture or used in relation to this culture.Although it is a language-based definition and does not specify a racial affiliation, the general use in the United States today is the opposite. Hispanics in the United States, Latin America in Mexico and Central America define their
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