Essay On Racism In Everyday Life

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Experiencing it Everyday: The Effects of Racism on Daily Life United States of America is a country racially and ethnically diverse. It is believed to be the country of possibility and equality. Most white Americans state that racism is defeated and that it is a problem of the past. Starting from slavery being abolished, through African Americans being allowed to vote, ending up with the president of the United States being an African American. There is no longer the manifestation of white superiority over other races in visible segregation in public places; thus, people are often unaware of the racism present in the 21st century. However, being unconscious of a problem does not make this problem disappear. As racial inequalities were changing through time, ways in which racism manifests itself nowadays are different. It used to be overt but now people have to deal with its covert version. Despite of the civil rights movement and years of initiatives to change disparaging views on racial minorities, including affirmative action, racism is still present in all spheres of life and has a negative impact on African Americans, especially their mental and physical health. To begin with,…show more content…
There are many websites with diverse indications how to react to direct assaults or other expressions of racism. Nevertheless, the danger of new racism is the fact that racial prejudices are subconscious, that people do not realize they are acting in a discriminatory way. It is crucial to start noticing the existing problem, being aware of it, and take all necessary steps to prevent it. Eye opening is solving tests for hidden bias. Another way of solving this issue is to publicize it. The key is to talk about it to minimize the range and the existence of racism. An example of such action is the establishment of International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination that occurs on March
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