Essay On Racism In Huck Finn

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“Huckleberry Finn” Controversy is were many forms of literature thrive. Slavery and race has been a major controversy in the U.S. for most of its time as a nation. Influencing literature from the American past with the dialect and society of the time of publication. Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is not racist for its time period. It is not racist because it was progressive at the time of its release, it teaches high school students about the american past, and was written for its time frame.
When the book was realized in 1884 it was relatively created controversy. The Twain based hid book on growing up in his own hypocritical society . At the time of this books released the U.S. still had the Jim crow laws, the laws that mandated segregation of the races in public places.In the story, Huck learns that Jim is a person and even equal with him. This quote is an example of their growing relashopship “I went to sleep, and Jim didn 't call me when it was my turn. He often done that” (Twain 155). This is a very positive view on race for a time period were black and white people could not sit together on the bus. Only a month after it was realized it was banned by the boston library others following close behind it. ( The book was called ignorant and some african american called its
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I do not think that this book is racist because of its time frame. This is a story of a white boy coming to dislike slavery and developing his on conscience though experiences while befriending and helping a runaway slave. The language used in the story was an accurate reflection of when the book was set , about 40 years before it was published, and before the civil war. This was a time period were slavery was common in the south, The language of this book reflects that and not all of it is negative. This book made me think about pre-war america in a new light and understand how slavery happened. I do not think this book is racist because it was appropriate for its
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