Racism In Huck Finn

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The novel Huck Finn by Mark Twain is an extremely important piece of literature that should be taught to high school students. Racism was rampant in the during the time this novel took place and still exists now. It is extremely important that high school students are able to realize the extent of the racism accordingly addressing the situation. One of the best ways to teach about racism is through this novel. It correctly displays race relations at the time. Teaching this novel is the best way to open racial conversations, look back at racism in the 1800’s, and understand a great piece of literature. Although the derogatory terms may be offensive to some, history should not be ignored. Race is one of the most complex issues in America; especially …show more content…

History is the best teaching tool a teacher can have in their bag. This makes this novel so imperative to read. The book correctly displays race relations of the 1800’s. “[Huckleberry Finn] is an important work by one of America’s most prominent writers. It not only deals with a difficult time in American history, it marks an important transformation for Twain himself” (Chadwick). Slavery was rampant during the setting of the novel. All that the book does is show the situation from the eyes of a white child raised at the time. Twain depicts situations at the time just as they were. Blacks were beaten. Blacks were taken from their families. Blacks were slaves. No matter how appalling, there is no changing the moral wrongdoings of the United States. Teaching the book is teaching …show more content…

The book is a great tool used to open up hard racial conversations. Its historical accuracy makes it even more of a necessary read. Twain wrote Huck Finn to inform about racial issues through the eyes of an innocent child. Although the novel may use derogatory terms over and over again that is more of a reason as to why it should be read. Racism in America was pervasive during the time of the novel. Something so horrible cannot and should not be forgotten. Students need to learn about this time for what it really

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