Essay On Racism In Public Schools

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Not everyone in the world associates with each other based of their appearance, and the different things they believe in. Racism has been a big issue in our society that needs change. There are many different problems of racism, but three main ones are public schools, work places, and crimes. First, Public schools are places that racism is shown frequently. Children tend to copy the actions and habits a parent does, and some of it is racism. I, myself have dealt with racism in the past when I was in a public school. It doesn’t feel welcoming in a classroom when everyone is staring at you because of the race you are, and the things they say about you. Racism in public schools needs to stop because students that try to get help from teachers or adults that don’t do anything about it end up taking care of the situation one their own. Some solutions that could help stop racism in school is having get togethers in the afternoon to socialize with each other. Also for…show more content…
There has been a debate on that people from other countries are taking the jobs of American citizens. Not every American citizen knows the problems and struggles that a person from another country goes through to get to the United States. Change towards racism in work places is needed because people from other countries come here for a better live. When they do end up with a job most times the boss or employer, and even the co-workers are disrespectful, and dishonest towards them. All humans are the same and should not be disrespected or dishonest with each other. Some solutions that can help get rid of racism in work places could be to learn about each other’s back ground. Being open-minded can help get along with everyone at the work place. Also asking for help from anyone no matter what skin color they are at your work place can build trust among each
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