Essay On Racism In South Africa

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As humans, we have come a long way and we have overcome a lot of great difficulties. Be it war, disease, natural calamities, man-made disasters, you name it and we have crossed it. But over all these years, we seem to have missed the point that all the tragedies that we come to face with are making. It is us humans and the hate we broil so passionately within ourselves, that causes most of the destruction. All though the international community is doing its best to spread the message of love, it seems to be falling on deaf ears – rape, murders, racism, homophobia, war crimes are everyday events even today. And out of these, racism is something that no one deserves to endure. Racism is basically prejudice and discrimination against the people of a certain race. Although we have gotten over the radical racism, it still prevails in many parts of the world Here are some of the most racist countries in the world – 12. South Africa Top 12 Racist Countries In The World 12 A country can only do so much to end racism and it is a rather sad and a heart-breaking fact that racism in South Africa has out-lived Mandela, who tried so hard all his life to end racism in the country. Thanks to the Anti-Apartheid movement, the legal framework of the nation has been changed and now racism is illegal but it is still a fact of life. People in South Africa…show more content…
But the fact that it still suffers from xenophobia sets it back by many years. Although according to Japanese laws and regulation, racism and discrimination is not allowed, but the government itself practices what is called “positive discrimination”. It has very low tolerance for refugees and people from other countries. It is also a known fact that Japan tries its best to not allow entry to Muslims in their country as they think that Islam is not compatible with their culture. Such blatant cases of discrimination are prevalent in the country and nothing is being done about

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