Racist Advertising Should Be Banned Essay

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Yes, the state should be required to ban racist advertisement. Advertisements and propaganda are used worldwide, daily. We as individuals are subject to this without even knowing it. Unfortunately there is a fine line between racist and bad advertisements. The term racism is defined by the Oxford dictionary as; “The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.” Similar to a number of different lawful definitions that have an arising awareness around it, it can be difficult to comprehend exactly what it means. Each state or country could have a similar or contrasting meaning, however, it is of great…show more content…
The thirteenth amendment in the Declaration of Independence ended slavery and the fourteenth Amendment ended slavery in essence. These legislations are set in place however racism is a reoccurring theme in America especially in recent months with President Trump in power. President Trump has a number of motions in place to prohibit individuals from certain races access into America. In situations similar to this it can be difficult for the state to ban racist advertisements when the president holds a huge amount of power. Trump has encouraged mainly his supporters to act out vocally and physically which is becoming increasingly concerning. A president is supposed to be a authoritative figure whom stops racism instead of spreading it. However, the president has far lower power than imagined. It is vital that the state intervene in situations like so to prevent such racism by implementing new laws that correspond with the every growing power of social media and advertisements. President Trump is utterly disliked by a huge number of people worldwide, there has also been a petition sign by thirty thousand Irish people voting against his visit to
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