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.1 Birth and definition

This work was done from the perception that, increasingly, the interview has been used in several studies on the radio, but not always with the quality and rigor of satisfactory criteria for the enrichment of a good interview. To understand the interview technique and its use in radio, it is necessary to understand its origin. The word Interview, first appeared in Franch as Entrevue “Act of seeing each other, brief visit,” the Latin inter, "between" + vedere, "see."
Journalism historians are divided about the birth of the interview. But according to Christopher Silvester, the interview came from Britain and the United States in the late nineteenth century. For others, the interview originated in 1836 in the United
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It is a seemingly dull conversation between Dimbleby and Captain G. J. Powell on his record-breaking transatlantic flight in September 1937.” Jim Beam (2000, p.4)
From this historical article from British Library, Is it possible to see on of the first radio interviews in the history of radio journalism, was not the first, but certainly one of the first. In this way we can compare the great evolution of this journalistic genre so rich in detail.

In modern journalism, the interview as journalistic gender acquired self expression, independent, private, specialized; a genre that diffuses the questions and answers of a dialogue in which the journalist seeks information from a source of information. The interview is considered the main source of information for many reporters and columnists of today. But each expert defines the interview in various
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Exclusive use of these new ethnographic elements, or introducing them too quickly, will make interviews became like a formal interrogation.” - Spradley J (1979 p.464)

“The interview can be understood in many ways, but each time he imitates in its communication the depths of an interactive situation, which is the most natural of all speakers: dialogue (less polilogu, however, and it can happen) . Thanks to this natural intelligence removes the element of spoken colloquial language.” Igor Borkowski (2011 p.58)

Stanislaw Sierotwiński defines interview (interview) the interview conducted by a journalist with the awakening of the person's interest to be published in the journal; consists of a deliberately formulated the questions and received the answers, it may involve any occasion (birthday, awards), biographical details, memories, travel impressions, plans, intentions, beliefs. The interview, despite being classified as informative genre, also permeates the interpretation. That's because in the interview to explore the complex way of information, and to present the main characters of the event, explaining the causes, consequences and showing a possible solution to the fact. This genre is widely adopted on the radio because of the speed it provides. If well executed and brought a case that

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